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When preparation meets opportunity, success is guaranteed! Prepare your heart to receive God’s word. Take away the Word of God, and your high calling in Christ Jesus is in vain. You need a ready heart if you’re going to succeed in the kingdom of God, because inspiration, redirection, reformation, revolutionary thinking, and transformation are all products of the Word of God.

Your wellbeing, lifting, and ultimate change matter to God. The word of God is also a point at which nothing lasts and everything begins again. Hear me: Your heart is not given to God’s work if you, as a believer, have no work to do. Your faith in God’s Word is the means by which God can bless you spiritually.

No matter what, God loves you. He longs for the return of sinners and loves them. Therefore, never imagine that God despises you as a result of your past sins. God despises sin, but not the human being that he created in his image and likeness.

It’s very easy to become distracted by ideas that are not in line with God’s purposes for your life. There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless, it is the counsel of the Lord that shall stand. Proverbs 19:21. It all starts with you having a new birth. The prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God, so you need to be saved.

Do You Think of Yourself as a Christian?

Please do if you haven’t made peace with God, because our lives are transformed by our redemptive experience. I am here to bring you expository and virtue-impacting messages by taking an exploratory drive in God’s Word in obedience to the divine mandate of God upon my life to continue in the Word, in prayer, and in evangelism. Decide today to follow Jesus.

God knows what you’re going through now. And he is able to help you if you will allow him into your life. Are you facing difficult times right now? God wants to help you out of it. God will take you beyond your current understanding that, no matter how hard things are, he will be able to deliver you from those challenges. The Lord Jesus will turn your mountains of problems into fountains of solutions.

Get set for maximum transformation as you read the contents on this site. God has the power and wisdom to deliver a person from any adverse condition if they will only believe. Dare to believe in God and see how he turns your life around for good.